Counterterrorism agents need to get to Missouri, ASAP!

In early December, a Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri, contacted authorities after two “foreign-speaking,” possibly Muslim men purchased 60 cell phones, but because the officers lacked a legal reason to detain the men, they had to let them go, reported local station KYTV.

However, had the officers been aware of what happened 30 minutes away along a trail in the Mark Twain National Forest in October, those men could conceivably be behind bars right now.

News station KTVI explained that two months ago, a deer hunter found a cache of explosives so volatile authorities had to detonate them on site. Moreover, authorities claimed that the explosives could not be bought for recreational use, meaning whoever purchased them and put them there likely had a sinister purpose in mind.

Now fast forward back to the present. Six days after the Walmart incident, a picture from a trail camera in a forest outside Fredericktown, which lies about two hours from Lebanon, showed a suspicious-looking man meandering through the woods.

Furthermore, a local resident named John Wooldridge told reporters he also saw the man.

“I was just leaving the house and seen a man cross the highway, so I kind of watched him because I figured he was an hitchhiker,” he told news station KFVS.

But after crossing the highway, the strange man jumped into the woods and started heading toward Wooldridge’s house. When Wooldridge went to inspect why, this happened:

“He came out of the woods, screaming, arms wailing, making a fist … just screaming,” he explained.

According to Madison County Sheriff Robert Spain, the same man was also spotted about 16 miles south of Fredericktown a few days earlier.

So within the span of just one week, “foreign-speaking men” in Missouri were seen purchasing large quantities of cell phones and hanging out in two separate forests. And two months ago, a huge cache of explosives were found woods in the same general area.

Are the incidents related? We can’t for say for sure at this point, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they were.

Source: After “Muslims” Buy Walmart Out of Cell Phones, Missouri Man Makes Terrifying Find Buried Nearby