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The church where a 19-year-old man was allegedly murdered by his parents has been described as a “cult.”

According to polie, the Word of Life Church in Clayville, New York, is where Lucas Leonard, 19, was beaten to death by his parents, 65-year-old Bruce Leonard and 59-year-old Deborah Leonard. Lucas Leonard’s brother, 17-year-old Christopher Leonard,  was also found injured and is expected to recover, WKTV-TV reported.

Word of Life Church in Clayville, New York. (Image source: Google Street View)

“There’s always been weird things going on,” Julie Howard, who lives near the church, said. “The cops have been called there before. They’re not allowed in the building. They can’t get in the building.”

Howard said the “cult” has been going on for around 30 years and that there are about 30 people involved.

Other neighbors have reported seeing members only after 3 a.m. and hearing chants coming from inside, reported. Howard said she has also heard dogs and and believes members have been breeding them.

Source: Six Charged in Connection With Brutal Beatings at Suspected ‘Cult’ Site in New York Village |