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A new anti-Donald Trump super PAC has a new ad using interviews the Republican front-runner has had over the years to illustrate his liberal positions on issues ranging from universal health care to stronger gun control.

The spot is sponsored by Our Principles PAC, which was recently founded by Katie Packer, a former aide to 2012 GOP nominee [score]Mitt Romney[/score], Politico reports.

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Entitled “The Trump Tapes: Vol. 1,” the ad is based on interviews Trump conducted from as early as 1999 through last September on many topics.

In support of universal health care, Trump told “60 Minutes” on CBS last year: “I’m going to take care of everybody.”

Anchor Scott Pelley then asked about paying for it. “The government’s going to take care of it,” Trump responded.Here are some other statements included in the ad, according to the Politico report:

  • In 1999, Trump said he joined the Reform Party because the GOP was “just too crazy” to the right.
  • In 2000: “I hate the concept of guns…

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Source: Super PAC Ad Slams Trump as Closet Liberal