This is sick and completely inappropriate for a classroom.

A Tampa Bay, Florida, area teacher has been placed on administrative leave and was arrested by the police after several ninth-grade students caught him watching gay pornography on his smartphone during class.

According to local cable news network Bay News 9, 47-year-old Vadi Valez-Gonzalez, a Mulberry High School teacher, was arrested on Monday and charged with two counts of showing obscene material to a minor and four counts of using a two-way communications device to commit a felony.

“It’s like, are you kidding me? You showed this pornography to ninth grade children, two girls and two guys, are you kidding me?” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, explaining how the students were able to see the porn on the teacher’s phone.

A female student had approached the front of the class to ask a question regarding the current reading assignment when she noticed what her teacher was watching on his phone, which included two males engaged in intercourse and full male nudity.

“The young lady told the detectives, ‘I went back to my desk and thought I can’t believe what I saw.’ So she did her own investigation and when she went back up there pretending to throw the paper in the garbage she took her own video of the pornography the teacher had running on his desk,” said Judd.

Once the police had been informed, three other students stepped up and announced that they had seen the pornographic material as well.


A warrant and subsequent search of Gonzalez’s phone showed that he had visited the pornographic site some 382 times over the course of two weeks in October, including multiple times during school hours.

“We believe he knew exactly what he was doing. He was exposing ninth grade children to very nasty pornography,” Judd told WFTS. “The last place he needs to be is a school for our children.”

Source: Student Walks To Front Of Class To Ask Question… But Sees Sick Thing On Teacher’s Phone And Calls Cops