Hillary Clinton had at least 305 classified emails on her private server, mostly for the purposes of covering her own posterior.

She has yet to be arrested, or even charged, and maintains that sending classified information over a private network shouldn’t disqualify her from seeking the presidency.

Jason Brezler, an officer in the U.S. Marines, sent three classified emails from a private account to blow the whistle on a sick and corrupt local official in Afghanistan whose actions led to the death of three of his comrades.

He was thrown out of the military after being brought up on charges.

I’ll take “Hypocrisy” for $200, Alex.

The tragic story of Jason Brezler began in 2012, when he sent two classified emails to his unit in Afghanistan.


However, the emails had an urgent purpose — Brezler had learned that a corrupt local police chief had the rather unfortunate tendency to sneak teenage boys onto the base for sex.

The Marines decided not to act on the information, and in August of 2012, one of those teenage boys shot three Marines to death.

Brezler then decided to blow the whistle on what had happened, sending an email to Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. However, instead of an investigation into how such a disgusting incident was allowed to occur, Brezler was brought up on charges of sending classified information over a private computer and kicked out of the Marine Corps.

Source: SPREAD THIS: Marine Gets Kicked Out Of Service… Hillary Does NOT Want America To Know Why