Bobby Jindal

This is HUGE!

Immigration has been a hot topic during this election cycle, and one Republican presidential hopeful recently issued a bombshell statement about his views on the issue.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told Breitbart News Daily that “immigration without assimilation is not immigration; it’s an invasion.”

Jindal’s statements to Stephen K. Bannon, executive chairman and host of Breitbart News Daily, came just after polls showed the Louisiana governor ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in Iowa, an early hotbed state.

In the interview, Bannon asked Jindal why assimilation was so critically important for where we stand as a country. Jindal noted the chaos currently taking placing in Europe due to the massive influx of immigrants, and he warned that the United States must make sure that the same doesn’t happen here.

“One of the things that America is so proud of is, and rightfully so, we have been this melting pot for so long,” Jindal said. “The Left doesn’t want that anymore. They want to call us a salad bowl.”

He explained that “the Left” thinks it is “culturally arrogant, or xenophobic” to insist that immigrants assimilate to our way of life.

“That’s nonsense,” Jindal said.

“The reality is, we don’t make anybody come here,” he explained. “Millions of people all over the world want to come here, and folks that don’t want to be Americans shouldn’t come.”

“And the reality is, they shouldn’t come and use our freedoms to undermine freedoms for other people,” he continued.

Jindal then used the situation in Europe to further his point.

“When you look at what’s happening in Europe, you’ve got second and third generation immigrants that don’t consider themselves parts of those societies, those cultures, those values,” he said. “We mustn’t let that happen here.”

Jindal, whose parents immigrated to the United States legally, specifically wants people to stop considering themselves “hyphenated Americans.”

“We’re all Americans,” he said. “If we want a stronger immigration policy, one that makes our country stronger, not weaker — a smart one — we need to tell folks, if you want to come to our country, come here legally, learn English, adopt our values, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.”

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