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While some, like the L.A. Times, call for more curbs on gun ownership, Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is so upset by the recent mass shootings that he’s urging people to take action.

He had an impassioned response to the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting:

“Colorado, the guy’s in there for five hours and nobody had a gun to shoot him, it’s frustrating.”

So, the sheriff is calling on concealed weapons permit holders to begin carrying their guns at all times.

12News reports that after the San Bernardino shooting, Sheriff Arpaio said that people must do their duty:

“You’re carrying that weapon for a reason, I don’t think you go home and look at the gun every night and never expect to use it, so if you’re going to carry it, you ought to take action to save yourself, to save the people around you.”

Arpaio isn’t the only one urging action in the face of an attack:

  • The Washington, D.C., police chief recently urged people to “take the gunman down” in mass shooting situations. D.C. has among the strictest gun laws in the country and Fox News reports the chief has only issued 48 concealed weapons permit licenses during her tenure.
  • The National Fraternal Order of Police has asked the NFL to at least allow retired and off-duty law enforcement officers who hold permits to carry concealed weapons into the stadium for an added layer of security…

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