Lebanese officials have confirmed evidence, which first came via social media posts, of Russia’s newly amplified military presence in Syria.

Ruslan Leviev, the anti-establishment journalist who quashed rumors that Russia accidentally reported its combat deaths in Ukraine, recently gathered the clues of deployment to Syria. He found a soldier’s wife posting to a women’s online forum about her husband traveling to the country.

Leviev then managed to track down the woman’s husband, a Russian army serviceman, as well as his social media contacts who are also in the military. A number of them had recently posted statuses about going “off to Syria,” as well as photographs that appeared to be on military installations in the country.

He acknowledged that while using these photos to claim that Russians are not just maintaining Russian military assets in Syria but actively fighting “is quite a stretch,” it’s not impossible

Wednesday saw new revelations from Lebanese officials, who confirmed to Reuters that Russian forces are participating in combat, and preparing a sizeable airbase to support their fight in support of President Bashar Assad.


Source: Selfies And Spies Prove That Russian Troops Are Fighting In Syria | The Daily Caller

Photo: Russian soldier in Syria with a photo of Putin and Asaad in an online photo uncovered by Ruslan Leviev