“Utter silence. Deafening silence.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, where he blasted the global community for embracing the nuclear deal with Iran.

During his speech, Netanyahu expressed grave concern over Iran’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and financing of terrorism:

“Seventy years after the murder of 6 million Jews, Iran’s leaders promise to destroy my country, murder my people and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here, has been absolutely nothing.”

He added:

“Utter silence. Deafening silence.”

At that point in his speech, Netanyahu went silent and stared down the room full of world leaders and dignitaries.

“Iran is setting up dozens of terror cells,” Netanyahu said. “Imagine what they will do after the sanctions are lifted.”

“Unmuzzled,” Iran will “go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey,” he said. “Do you think Iran is doing that to advance peace?”

That question was perhaps a direct response to President Obama’s claim on Monday that the Iran Deal will ensure their nuclear program is “peaceful.”

Netanyahu rejected such assurances, saying the agreement does nothing to block Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.
Source: Why Bibi Netanyahu Was Silent for More Than 30 Seconds at UN Should Have Washington Ashamed

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