Photo Credit Michael Vadon

Photo Credit Michael Vadon

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz slammed GOP leadership, saying that on the Republican side, “We’ve got a bunch of weenies.”

Hannity asked why Cruz is the only one in the Senate who seems to be standing up for conservative promises and being vocal about it.

“If you look at the left, if you look at Barack Obama, or Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), or Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), they are committed to their liberal principles. They are commited to their policy agenda that frankly is destroying this country.” Cruz explained, “They will crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to advance their policy agenda.”

“On our side, we’ve got a bunch of weenies!”

Cruz explained that in every fight between Obama and Congressional leadership, Congress surrenders. He points to funding Obama’s executive amnesty, among other policies, if Obama threatens a veto.

Cruz said the GOP leadership has buckled to Obama’s veto threat repeatedly and predicts that it will happen again regarding the Congressional budget in regards to funding Planned Parenthood.

Cruz questioned, “What the heck is the point of having elections if the people we elect won’t stand and fight?”

He said GOP leadership has one tactic, “surrender.”

He makes a valid point. Revive America has been saying for years that Boehner and McConnell MUST GO!

What do you think of Cruz’s remarks?

Source: Ted Cruz on Republican Leadership: ‘We’ve Got a Bunch of Weenies’ – Breitbart