The Bataclan music theater in Paris was the sight of the worst part of Friday’s horrific terrorist attack, and it was no coincidence that it was targeted.

Breitbart reported that the terrorists may have targeted the Bataclan music venue for a specific purpose: the theater has been supportive of the state of Israel, which is dealing with its own brand of Muslim savagery.

Obviously tolerance isn’t a hallmark of radical Islam.

Ironically enough, the current owners of the theater, Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle, are not believed to be Jewish, but they support Israel. But since when has reality ever mattered to Islamic terrorists?

For years, radical Muslims have been threatening to destroy the Bataclan music theater, and now it looks like they finally succeeded.

The band that performed on Friday night, The Eagles of Death, had no fear of playing venues in Israel, which drew the ire of several other musical groups that consider themselves to be experts on international relations and bad hair styles.

“The Eagles of Death Metal recently performed in Tel Aviv where the lead singer, Jesse Hughes, told the crowd that Roger Waters, a former member of Pink Floyd and promoter of the boycott against Israel asked the band to stay away,” reported Breitbart

“I answered with two words: ‘F*** you!’ he told the cheering audience, adding: ‘I would never boycott a place like this,’” wrote Breitbart.

All members of the band managed to escape with their lives.

It’s doubtful this story will ever be reported by the liberal media. These are the same people who are too scared to write “radical Islam,” so why would they report that the rampant anti-Semitism in Europe might have contributed to this attack?

Source: Sickening Reason Jihadists Picked That Paris Theater Comes Out… the Media Will NEVER Report This