Absolutely insane.

How important is appearing politically correct to the White House? Well, try this on for size: An FBI initiative to stop Muslim youth from being radicalized was killed by Muslim groups on the grounds that it was “culturally insensitive.”

The website, “Don’t Be a Puppet,” was supposed to go live on Monday. However, thanks to complaints from Muslims, it’s been shelved, according to The Washington Post.

“The FBI is developing a Web site designed to provide awareness about the dangers of violent extremist predators on the Internet, with input from students, educators and community leaders,” the FBI had told The Post about the project

However, after the website was shown to Muslim leaders, they became enraged at the thought that Muslim youth might actually — gasp — be more prone to radicalization than their non-Muslim peers.

Once Muslim leaders saw the website, which advocated for other Muslims telling authorities if they believe one of their peers was becoming radicalized, they reportedly demanded it be shut down.

“It seems like they’re asking teachers to be extensions of law enforcement and to police thought, and students as well. That was very concerning to us all,” said Hoda Hawa, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Many Muslims also objected to a quiz that asked participants what they would do if they were online and a user with a Muslim name “posted that he’s going overseas on a mission (and) does anyone want to chat?”

“All our hands went up, like: What’s with this?” Hawa said.

So, wait — that shouldn’t generate red flags? Possible recruitment for the Islamic State group? How does that not raise red flags?

Source: SICK: Obama’s FBI Cancels Huge Plan To Protect Kids From Predators After Angry Muslims Complain