A Muslim woman took an oath as a civil court judge swearing on the Quran instead of the Holy Bible. New York Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo swore to uphold the United States Constitution by placing her hand on the Quran on Thursday. She also wore a hijab during her swearing-in ceremony as a civil court judge of the 7th Municipal District at the Brooklyn Burough, according to Morocco World News.

“All is praise is indeed due to the Most High! I am humbled that my community has entrusted me with the immense responsibility of ensuring that EVERYONE has notice and a FAIR opportunity to be heard in the halls of justice,” Walker-Diallo wrote on her website after winning the seat.

In Obama’s America, it’s probably an indication of things to come as more and more people spit on the Constitution — and the Christian beliefs upon which this country was founded.

If you find this disturbing, you are not alone. While Walker-Diallo has sworn to uphold the Constitution, her devotion to Shariah law could create a conflict for her to do so.

This issue has come up before when presidential candidate Ben Carson came under fire for suggesting that no Muslim should ever be elected to the White House, as the Islamic faith’s insistence on temporal authority over its believers contradicts the tenets of the Constitution.

Carson was right in his assertions — and the same should hold for anyone holding any local, state, or federally appointed judicial positions.

Source: SICK: Muslim Woman Gets Sworn in As Judge… Look What She Instantly Demands