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NBC pulls not punches in this hit-piece on Trump–or rather, his supporters.

Early Saturday morning, NBC’s Perry Bacon Jr. cooked himself up a whopper of an anti-science smear-job against Trump supporters. NBC News has looked at the poll numbers and added them up to conclude only one thing: Trump supporters are big fat racists.

This closing paragraph is what passes for clear-thinking analysis at NBC News:

Trump’s primary competitors are Carson, who is black, and Cruz and Rubio, who are both Cuban-American.

It would be interesting, if perhaps impossible, to assess if among Trump supporters, the mogul will always be a more credible messenger on immigration issues than two Latino candidates, no matter how often Cruz and Rubio say they oppose illegal immigration.

What NBC News doesn’t want its readers to know is that when you combine the support enjoyed by Carson, Rubio and Cruz, it reaches nearly 50%, and almost doubles Trump.  Add in Carly Fiorina, and you are over 50%. In other words, black, female, and Hispanic candidates are dominating the GOP field.

But let’s look at what NBC News is now declaring racist:

  1. Trump supporters are nearly all white, like the supporters of the other GOP candidates.

What NBC News doesn’t want you to know:  The same is true for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

      2. Trump supporters, more than other Republicans, want to deport undocumented immigrants.

What NBC News doesn’t want you to know: The law requires the deportation of illegals. Wanting the law enforced is not racism.

  1. Many Republican voters view Islam unfavorably …

According to the survey, 56 percent of Americans overall agreed with the statement that, “The values of Islam are at odds with American values and way of life.”

What NBC News doesn’t want you to know: Islam being at odds with the American way of life is not racism, it is science. Islam is not a race, it is a political and religious philosophy, and one need only look at the many Islamic countries throughout the world to understand that this philosophy is illiberal and anathema to any secular, democratic society.

  1. The vast majority of Republicans, including Trump supporters, oppose bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S.

What NBC News doesn’t want you to know: A full 31% of Democrats oppose President Obama’s plan to bring in more Syrian refugees. NBC News also doesn’t want you to know that this opposition only arrived after ISIS promised to seed Syrian refugees with terrorists, and apparently did so successfully with at least one of the terrorists in Paris.

NBC News also doesn’t want you to know that we cannot vet these refugees because they come from a failed state awash in forged documents and with no reliable government databases. Obama’s own F.B.I. director said the vetting policy for Syrian refugees was a mess.

In short, according to NBC News, if you are concerned about national security, you are a racist.

Source: Anti-Science NBC News Concludes that Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Racists – Breitbart