Donald Trump is one of those candidates who seem to divide people sharply into one of two camps: love him or wish he would just disappear already. While conventional wisdom — and the so-called “establishment” — has been putting money on the latter, calling the chances of him being the GOP nominee “unthinkable,” a new poll suggests Trump’s not going anywhere any time soon.

And, in fact, in a surprising new development, a solid majority of Republicans now believe Trump will not just stick around — he’ll stick it to the naysayers and become the GOP presidential nominee.

As Rasmussen Reports tells us:

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has captured the public’s attention for better or worse, and his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, once seen as a pipe dream, is now a topic of serious discussion. So for the near future at least, Rasmussen Reports intends to track Trump’s race for the White House in a weekly Friday feature we’re calling Trump Change.

Our latest national telephone survey finds that 57% of Likely Republican Voters now think Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee next year, with 25% who say it’s Very Likely. That compares to 27% who felt a Trump nomination was likely two months ago when he formally announced his presidential bid, a finding that included just nine percent (9%) who said it was Very Likely.

Source: Shock: 57% of Republicans now think the UNTHINKABLE about Trump – Allen B. West –