Good Question.

During Obama’s invite only town hall on guns the other night, a couple prominent Second Amendment supporters were in attendance. One was Taya Kyle, wife of war hero Chris Kyle.The other, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu.

From WJ:

Babeu, who is running for Congress, asked Obama, “Mr. President, you’ve said you have been frustrated by Congress. As a sheriff, I often times get frustrated. But I don’t make the laws. And I’ve sworn an oath to enforce the law, to uphold the Constitution — same oath you’ve taken,” he said. “The talk, why we’re here, is all these mass shootings. And yet you’ve said in your executive action, it wouldn’t have solved even one of these or even the terrorist attack.”

Obama decided to interject with, “I didn’t say that.”

Anderson Cooper had to jump in to make it clear that all guns purchased in recent mass shootings were obtained through licensed dealers, meaning background checks were required.

It’s funny that the liberals have yet to reply with any kind of response that makes sense when faced with these truths about gun control.

Source: Sheriff Challenges Obama about Executive Action on Guns, his Response is WEAK