Over the last few weeks on my radio program I have been talking about the plans by this administration to give away U.S. control of the Internet in less than two weeks. On October 1, the transition will take place even though Congress has twice voted to block this transition.

Republican lawmakers have warned that the administration’s plan to relinquish its authority could give authoritarian countries like China and Russia an opening to make an online power grab. That is why some U.S. senators are trying to put up roadblocks. Senator Ted Cruz believes the proposed giveaway will cause “irreparable damage” and this would bring havoc “not only on our nation but on free speech across the world.”

Senator John Thune has proposed language to delay the transition that could be attached to the continuing resolution to fund the government. He doesn’t think the foundation has been appropriately laid for the transition and feels it hasn’t been properly vetted.

Source: http://pointofview.net/viewpoints/internet-giveaway/