Sen. John McCain Gets 'Potty Trained' by GOP Challenger Click to Tweet

John McCain Gets ‘Potty Trained’ by GOP Challenger

After Nearly 4 Decades in Washington, [score]John McCain[/score] Refuses to Fight for OUR Conservative Values

Dr. Kelli Ward, who is challenging [score]John McCain[/score] for his Senate seat, just called for the immediate impeachment of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Kelli Ward is right on target!  We need more conservatives in Washington – like Kelli Ward – who’ll fight for our values, NOT Obama’s!  Voters can go here to find out how to help!

Lynch is spearheading the legal battle to enforce President Obama’s dangerous and deviant transgender ‘bathroom’ order in public schools everywhere.

Of course, this is just crazy and wrong!  So why does John McCain, one of Washington’s most powerful politicians, refuse to fight back?

McCain could squash Obama’s unconstitutional and down-right dangerous “Bathroom Order” for transgenders in our kids’ public school if he really wanted.  He’s one of Washington’s most poweerful politicians.  But after 4 decades among the special interests in Washington ‘political correctness’ is just ‘correct’ for McCain.

But Kelli Ward, McCain’s primary challenger is willing to fight for our values.  Here’s what she said the other day:

“The U.S. Department of Justice isn’t about ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ anymore. It’s about President Obama’s extreme vision of fundamentally transforming our nation, imposing political correctness, and pulverizing the rights of the states…”

DC has no business in your business or your bathroom. Period. This is government gone wild. Loretta Lynch should be impeached for such outrageous overreach.

The Senate was supposed to be the guardian of the states, but after almost four decades in DC, John McCain has forgotten that. I’ll be a conservative champion.”

America urgently needs bold, conservative leadership in Washington, conservatives like Dr. Kelli Ward.

Fortunately, a power grassroots group has gotten behind Dr. Kelli Ward’s bid to replace John McCain.

Revive America PAC has fully endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward, and you can join them in supporting Kelli Ward by going here.

After nearly 4 decades in Washington, John McCain has lost the will to fight for our conservative values.
Throughout the Obama years, John McCain has repeatedly worked hand-in-glove to advance Obama’s radical agenda through Congress.
He has aggressively pushed amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, swamping public services and threatening American jobs.

Enough is enough! It is Time to Retire John McCain.

Kelli Ward can DEFEAT John McCain, but she needs our help to do it.

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