Saturday Night Live questions Ben Carson's medical degree... Sick Click to Tweet

Saturday Night Live talked a lot about Republicans and a lot about guns in their recent episode. The “Weekend Update” segment in particular did. They also memorably focused on Ben Carson.

First, Colin Jost suggested that Carson was the doctor crazy enough to stitch all the Republican scraps together to be the “Frankenspeaker.”

Michael Che also noted that Carson had faced six malpractice lawsuits, including one patient who claimed Carson left a sponge in his brain.

In light of comments Carson made about guns, Che joked about his medical degree:

Dr. Carson, be honest, was your medical degree given sarcastically?

I’m starting to think you’re less of a real brain surgeon and more of a real brain surgeon. 

I never thought I’d say this out loud or on TV, but please, America, pick anybody but the black guy. Please…

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