It feels weird to say this, but Bernie Sanders’ wife is 100 percent correct about this.

The issue of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state has rocked the 2016 presidential race. All the Republican candidates have tried to use this scandal to show the American people how corrupt Clinton is, while Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s only Democrat competitor still in the race, has declined to do so.

However, The Daily Caller reported that the senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto that she wished the FBI would “move along” with its investigation.

These comments represented a significant change in the rhetoric coming out of the Sanders camp. For months, Sanders has stated that he doesn’t care about Clinton’s “damn emails” and just wants to debate policy.

Now that the senator is practically mathematically eliminated from clinching the Democratic nomination, it appeared that the campaign had become more willing to pursue a more aggressive stance regarding Clinton’s corruption.

“(The campaign has) been from the beginning … right after the debate where (Sen. Sanders) said, ‘Enough of your damn emails,’ he also said, ‘There is a process. It’s going forward. It’s an FBI investigation. We want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we’ll find out what the situation is,’” explained Jane Sanders, initially sticking to the usual talking points.

“And that’s how we still feel,” she said.

But then she added, “I mean, it would be nice if the FBI moved it along.”^tfw

Right now Sanders’ only real chance to become the Democrat nominee is if Clinton winds up being indicted or going to jail, both of which seem unlikely to happen in the next few weeks, particularly under this administration, which is likely to pardon Clinton for any crimes the FBI might indict her over, anyway.

These comments from Sanders’ wife could mean that we will see the Vermont senator become much more aggressive in his criticism of Clinton in the coming weeks.^tfw

Source: Hillary Is FUMING After Bernie Sanders’ Wife Throws Her Under The FBI Bus