Hillary in Iowa

AFP Photo/Win McNamee

Ah…It’s good to be a Clinton.

As the Iowa Democratic Party scrambled to make a decisive call in the Democratic race between [score]Hillary Clinton[/score] and [score]Bernie Sanders[/score] on Monday night, the party informed the Clinton and Sanders campaigns that it is missing results for 90 precincts across the state.

Those missing results account for as much as 5 percent of the total vote.

The Iowa Democratic caucuses were a virtual tie. Especially after you consider results aren’t even actual vote tallies, but state delegate equivalents.

In a race so tight, with former Secretary of State Clinton at 49.9 percent and Vermont senator Sanders at 49.6  percent, those missing votes would have been a decisive tie breaker. Instead, Hillary “won” via her lucky quarter.

From The Blaze:

The Bernie Sanders campaign said early Tuesday morning that it was informed by the Iowa Democratic Party that results from 90 precincts were missing.

CNN reported that the Iowa Democratic Party said it would need to “re-stage” the results of the caucuses in those 90 counties.

The Sanders campaign said the Iowa Democratic Party had asked the campaigns to “help them out.”

A spokesperson for the Iowa Democratic Party did not immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for comment.

With 98 percent of the precincts reporting, Clinton only led Sanders by 0.3 points, 49.8 percent to Sanders’ 49.6 percent.

Shocker. It looks like the Clintons are back to business as usual.

Source: Bernie Camp Is OUTRAGED by What the Iowa Democratic Party Discovered…