Loathsome 'Sanctuary Sheriff' Gets BAD News After Election Day... This Is A MASSIVE Victory For Conservatives Click to Tweet

The chickens have come home to roost. Good.

The sanctuary city sheriff who helped release the illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle back in July was decisively defeated at the ballot box this Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received only 33 percent of the vote and lost to his previous subordinate, former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy.

Sheriff Mirkarimi oversaw San Francisco as a sanctuary city, a status which became controversial when it was revealed the city had released Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien accused of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle at the city’s Pier 14 in July.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had requested the city hold Lopez-Sanchez, who had seven previous convictions and five previous deportations. However, the city ignored the hold and let Lopez-Sanchez go, just several months before Steinle’s death.

While Steinle’s murder was the biggest millstone around Sheriff Mirkarimi’s neck, it was far from the only one. The county’s top lawman had also been convicted of domestic violence after a 2012 incident involving his wife.

Sadly, none of this will bring back Kate Steinle, a young woman gone far too early for despicable reasons of political expediency. However, it is a fitting punishment for a man whose actions have cost at least one life, and probably many more…

Source: “Sancturary Sheriff” Gets BAD News After Election Day… This Is A MASSIVE Victory For Conservatives