A Russian reporter named Andre challenged President Obama’s leadership Thursday, running down a list of problems that have worsened on Obama’s watch, including relations with Russia and racial tensions in America. “Does he feel any responsibility for all this?” the reporter asked.

The answer to Andre’s question was predictable. But the question itself was remarkable:

“I’ve always thought that President Obama is an extremely intelligent and decent person, well-meaning person, OK?” Andre told White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

“So my question is…how come if he wanted the U.S.-Russian relations to be a win-win on both sides, we are now in a situation obviously where it is a lose-lose? No matter how we spin it, it’s a lose-lose for both of us.

“But this is not the only one. America, in all the eight years, did not have one day where it was completely at peace. There was one war or another, and not all of those wars were inherited by President Obama. And he’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

“Then, he — he’s like the first African-American president. But the race relations in this country have become worse. Not better, worse. It’s also, I — you know, you say some things are facts. Those are allegations. But I cannot say that it’s a fact. It’s an impression I get, that they are worse. But many people share this — this impression.

“Then hacking. America is all of a sudden vulnerable to hacking, after eight years of Obama leadership. How come?


“And of course, the biggest of all is the — is out of the election. The leadership has been rejected. The preferred candidate has been rejected. So, my question — to come to the question — is who’s at fault? Who is? Is it Russia that performed all that? Is it because of Russia that the voters in the U.S. rejected the leadership and the legacy?”

Source: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/russian-reporter-does-obama-feel-any-responsibility-us-russia-relations