It appears the long-running war of words between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney has come to an end after the two met at his New Jersey golf club on Saturday.

The US president-elect was joined by Mike Pence for a meeting with one of his most outspoken critics at the clubhouse of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister.

Trump and Vice President-elect Pence posed for pictures together before greeting Romney at the clubhouse’s entrance.

Trump clapped his hands several times as Romney walked up the steps to the clubhouse just before 1pm.

Romney shook hands with the president-elect and said ‘good to see you, sir’, as they gripped each other’s arms.

He then shook hands with Pence and patted him on the back as the three men walked into the clubhouse together.

It is believed Romney is a possible contender for secretary of state, despite the fact that he led the Republican opposition against Trump’s campaign for the presidency.

The former Governor of Massachusetts also previously called Trump a ‘phony’, ‘fraud’ and ‘con man’, criticizing both his fitness to be president and his policies.

In May, Romney wrote a lengthy Facebook post in which he said Trump should be disqualified from receiving the nomination after refusing to release his tax returns.

‘There is only one logical explanation for Mr Trump’s refusal to release his returns: there is a bombshell in them,’ Romney wrote.