This is disgusting… these men should be ashamed.

President Barack Obama is off on a shameful field trip to Cuba, and he’s decided to bring some of his classmates with him. In addition to scads of Obama administration officials, 38 members of Congress decided to tag along to legitimize the brutal communist regime that has menaced the United States for decades.

You would assume that these 38 people would be members of the Democrat Party, and for the most part, you’d be right. However, shockingly, five Republicans decided to play traitor and lend their imprimatur to the oppressive nation-state.

The biggest names on the trip were mostly Democrat, according to Breitbart. House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi represents the People’s Republic of San Francisco in the House of Representatives, so it’s unsurprising she would decide to tag along.

The other senator from Sen. Patrick Leahy’s home state of Vermont is an avowed socialist (can’t seem to remember his name right now), so it’s unsurprising he came along, as well.

Rep. Charlie Rangel, the New York Democrat who has had his ethics investigated more times than Aristotle, isn’t necessarily a socialist. However, he’s pretty cool with abusing his governmental position to enrich himself, so Cuba must feel like a natural fit for him.

However, what were the five GOPers’ excuses?

Sen. Jeff Flake, the junior Republican from Arizona, decided to tag along. For a state that has given us Barry Goldwater and Joe Arpaio, Arizona’s Senate delegation certainly has given us some frighteningly lukewarm Republicans. Much like his counterpart John McCain, Sen. Flake is one of the biggest RINOs you won’t have to go on safari to see.

Sen. Dean Heller, of neighboring Nevada, is also known for being less-than-stellar in terms of conservative bona fides.

There’s also South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford. Sanford, you might recall, was formerly a senator; an adulterous trek down the “Appalachian Trail” cost him that position.

Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota and Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin rounded out the traitors. Maybe they were just tired of the winter weather.

Source: EXPOSED: Obama Takes Huge Entourage to Cuba… Look Who We Caught Tagging Along