All good things must come to an end, and so it is with welfare recipients who chose to abuse the system. The state of Wisconsin recently dropped 15,000 food stamp recipients because they chose not to find work, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

New requirements for the new FoodShare Employment and Training program that went into effect in April called for able-bodied adults without children to be working 80 hours a month or actively seeking employment in order to keep benefits.

About 25 percent of Wisconsin’s 60,000 recipients were cut from from the program because of noncompliance, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Some 4,500 other recipients did find work.

“The FSET program was created to help guide able-bodied adults back into the workforce, or put them on the path to gainful employment while remaining on FoodShare,” Republican state Rep. Mark Born said.

“So far we have seen thousands of individuals follow the FSET program and secure employment as a result. It is important we continue to enact reforms and transition people from reliance on government to independence.”

Those participating in the program have access to three months of benefits before being cut from the program if they do not comply.

Other states are waking up to abusers, including Indiana and New Mexico.

In Maine, Lewiston Mayor Robert E. Macdonald recently submitted legislation requesting a website that named welfare recipients as well as how long recipients have been on the program.

Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services has also requested that candy and soda be removed from items that can be purchased with food stamps. Although, banning items that can be purchased is a slippery slope.

Source: REPORT: This State Just Dropped the HAMMER on Lazy Welfare Leeches… It’s About Time