Islamic State group terrorists in Syria have resorted to rounding up women and placing them in cages to act as human shields.

Russian airstrikes began about a month ago started targeting Islamic State group strongholds in Syria, and terrorists apparently hope that the caged hostages will prevent further destruction of terrorists operations. The cages were being placed near strategic terrorist strongholds.

Syrian President Assad had recently traveled to Moscow to meet with Russian President Putin. The airstrikes are supported by Assad, who has been announcing to the world that he intends to eliminate terrorism and terrorist organizations in his country.

More than 400 Alawite men and women – who are President Assad’s kin and support him – are being held captive in the cages and driven around

YouTube videos of those in cages have been circulating on the Internet, showing the occupants as frightened and panicked. Footage shows the macabre spectacle of male and female prisoners being driven through the streets of Douma , just outside of the Syrian capital, by the militants of the Army of Islam, one of the most powerful rebel groups.

One woman who identified herself as “Mervat Ali from Qardaha” said that she had been held for two years in Douma.

She told the cameraman: “We wish that the Russian warplanes never shell civilians again.

The caging is an attempt to blame deaths of Assad supporters on Assad himself and allow terrorist activity to flourish in Syria. Assad was re-elected with 88 percent of the vote in 2014.

Doctors Without Borders estimates that 70 people were killed and 500 injured in attacks last Friday. Human Rights Watch has called for “real action by international actors” in order to prevent further deaths from the caging.

Source: REPORT: Syrian Rebels Do Barbaric Thing To Shield From Russian Air Strikes… This Is INSANE

Photo: Mirror U.K.