Good! Now maybe real change can occur.

President Barack Obama has continued to insist that Democrats are the future of the country and that the Republican Party is outdated and irrelevant.

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation couldn’t be more different. The elections of 2015, particularly the victory of anti-Obamacare conservative Matt Bevin in Kentucky, continued a trend under Obama of Republicans maing massive gains at the local and state levels.

The Washington Post reported that Republicans now hold 32 out the nation’s 50 governorships and 30 of the nation’s 50 state legislatures. The Republican Party may not have won the White House for several years (something that has happened repeatedly throughout history I might add), but that doesn’t mean that it’s finished.

The Washington Post compiled a chart showing how Republicans are dominating America at a local level. That’s a lot of red.

Another chart (which has not been updated to include the results of the 2015 election) showed the gains Republicans had made the state level in the Obama years:

“While the demographic and electoral challenges that Republicans must confront at the national level are very real, the idea, pushed in some circles, that those struggles are leading indicators of a dying party is absolutely wrong,” Chris Cillizza wrote for The Post.

“In fact, at the state and local level the Republican Party is considerably more robust than its Democratic counterpart.”

This unprecedented shift at the state level is a direct result of Obama’s attempts to push his liberal agenda on all Americans.

Source: REPORT: Obama Gets Stunning News From States… This Could Be His Worst Nightmare