You’re not going to believe this… I wish I didn’t.

According to Judicial Watch who obtained records form the U.S. Department of the Air Force, Taxpayers funded $4.4 million worth of golfing vacations and fundraising trips for President Barack Obama in February and March of this year alone.

The documents regarding the Obama travel expenses came in response to two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed by Judicial Watch.

And that’s just the travel expenses. To date, the Secret Service has not provided requested information, as required by FOIA, regarding security costs.

The FOIA requires government organizations to release certain requested information that the public has a right to know, but Fitton said “the Secret Service has simply refused to respond to our requests for documents about the security costs of these controversial trips.”

Using the Air Force’s official cost estimate of $206,337 per hour, the newly released records obtained by Judicial Watch show:

  • Obama’s February 14, 2015, golf outing to Palm Springs required a five-hour flight, costing taxpayers a total of $1,031,685.
  • Transportation for Obama’s February 19 day trip to Chicago cost taxpayers $619,011.00.
  • Transportation for Obama’s March 2015 fundraising trip to Los Angeles cost taxpayers $1,980,835.20.
  • Obama’s March 28, 2015, golf outing to Palm city required a 3.9-hour flight, costing taxpayers $804,870.30.

“Taxpayers should be outraged that Barack Obama wastes $4.4 million of their precious tax dollars on golf vacations and political fundraising,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

According to Judicial Watch, the total known travel expenses for the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden are more than $61 million.

Fitton summed it up best: “The Obama travel scandal is about abuse of office, abuse of the taxpayer, and contempt for the rule of law.”


Source: REPORT: You’ll Be OUTRAGED After You Find Out What You Paid For Obama’s Golf Outings

(H/T) Judicial Watch