Suddenly labeled a “refugee” crisis, bleeding-heart liberals in both Europe and America are seemingly ready to throw open the doors for hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants, national security and terrorism concernsbe damned.

However, as quickly as the European governments opened their arms to the “refugees,” they just as quickly realized not all of them are truly refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. Some are potential terrorists or freeloaders from other Muslim nations seeking to milk European welfare states for all they are worth.

As such, many Europeans have begun to crack down on the massive hordes of Muslim migrants, resulting in angry riots from Muslims who now realize the gig is up for them.

Hungary cracked down recently on about 1,500 such “refugees” who attempted to force their way through a border fence, ultimately using tear gas and water cannons to turn back a crowd shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they pelted police officers with bricks, rocks, bottles and even food.

Citing reports from the Associated Press and others, Breitbart said the riot followed Hungary’s declaration of a state of emergency on Tuesday, which came in turn after both Austria and Germany had suspended a free movement zone set aside for the wave of migrants.

Source: “Refugees” Shout Allahu Akbar at Border Crossing… What Police Do Next Has Liberals Outraged