Syrian refugees

As millions of Syrian migrants stream into Europe, the Obama Administration has announced that the United States will be taking in 10,000 refugees. That is a mistake.

Of course, that mistake could get a lot worse before it’s over. Democrats are already calling for a massive increase in those numbers. Dick Durbin, among others, has called for us to take in another 65,000 refugees.

There were initial reports that John Kerry called for us to take in 100,000 migrants behind closed doors, but when that went public, he denied it and indicated the number would probably be closer to another 30,000. Given that Germany is promising to take in 800,000 migrants this year and 500,000 a year afterwards, the pressure will be on for America to dramatically increase the number of Syrians we take in.

Granted, there are probably some wonderful people in Syria, just as there are terrific people in every nation who could add to America. If they were applying for citizenship, it would certainly make sense to consider them on a case-by-case basis.

On the other hand, if we were picking nations to recruit new Americans from, Syria would be pretty close to the bottom of the list. People speak Arabic there, not English. Although the country has theoretically been a republic since 2012, as a practical matter it’s a dictatorship. So, the people of Syria have little experience with democracy, freedom of the press or the rule of law. Although about 10% of the population is Christian, most Syrians are Muslims and radical Islam and virulent anti-Semitism are common. Put another way, Syria is not a fertile breeding ground of the sort of people who are going to fit into the culture of a country like America and make a big contribution.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Syria is also an ISIS stronghold and the terrorist group has publicly promised to use the migrant crisis to sneak its members into Western countries. (Read more here)

This is not an idle threat.

Source: Bringing Even 10,000 Syrian Migrants To America Is A Mistake – John Hawkins – Page 1

Photo credit: The Time (UK)