Senator Rand Paul is not happy with some of the cabinet picks by president-elect Donald Trump. So much so that he took to Twitter today to deliver an ‘airing of grievances’.

Paul tweeted that he was celebrating “Festivus,” a reference to an episode of the sitcom “Seinfeld,” during which a non-commercial Christmas is celebrated by the characters in December 23rd. The airing of grievances in the episode is an opportunity for the characters to lash out at each other and everything around them that has annoyed or frustrated them for the past year.

Paul began his Twitter storm by poking fun at “fake news,” stating that ‘Festivus is real,’ and adding that ‘The Onion is more accurate than a Brian Williams report’:

Paul then turned to Trump’s cabinet picks, referencing Infowars’ own Alex Jones to make a point:

Paul followed up on his ‘Bilderberger’ jibe by referencing billionaire Paypal owner Peter Thiel, an actual Bilderberg member, who is involved with the Trump transition team.

The libertarian leaning Senator also hit out at arch neocon John Bolton, who was being touted for the Secretary of State position, prior to Trump’s appointment of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson.:

Paul also mocked Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has been slated to run the Department of Energy, a department Perry previously stated that he wished to abolish:

Paul has been outspoken in his opposition to some of the names Trump has floated to take positions in his administration, warning that some are ‘unfit’ for government.

Trump has come under increased scrutiny in recent days as some have accused him of abandoning a campaign promise to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington insiders.