Divine intervention?

Luke Sarker_pastor

A Baptist pastor in the allegedly “moderate” Muslim nation of Bangladesh survived a beheading attempt on Oct. 5, and the nature of the incident has some people wondering whether divine intervention played a role.

According to The New York Times, Rev. Luke Sarker had invited two Muslim men who appeared interested in learning about Christianity to his home to discuss Christianity.

During the meeting, the Muslims reportedly feigned interest in converting. This sort of deception is known as taqiyya, an Islamic loophole that essentially permits Muslims to lie and commit illegal acts, according to Mad World News.

(And what would religion be if lying and deceit weren’t an acceptable means to commit murder?)

After the meeting, the two men then asked Larker if they could return another day to learn more. He obliged, and thus the two came back on Oct. 5 with a friend.

It was during this second meeting that they suddenly attacked him.

“I spent around half an hour with them discussing about Christianity,” Sarker explained to The Gospel Herald. “Suddenly, one of them grabbed my neck just under the chin. I tried to shout but could not. I was groaning and tried to bite the fingers of the grabber. The other two persons tried to slit my throat with a knife.”

Apparently, Sarker’s wife and children entered the room at that precise moment, and upon seeing what the Muslim men were doing to Sarker, they began screaming for help. Thankfully, this was enough to scare off the Muslims, who quickly fled the scene on their motorcycle.

Sarker was subsequently treated for minor wounds, and at least one of the suspects was apprehended by local authorities.

Source: Radical Muslims Begin Cutting Off Pastor’s Head… Then the Unbelievable Happens