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In a series of YouTube videos that were swiftly removed Sunday, Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long, under the pseudonym “Cosmo Setepenra,” railed against “crackers,” called the killing of five officers in Dallas “justice,” and urged black men to “fight back,” according to The Guardian.

In one video titled “I am NOT affiliated with Anyone!” Long rants about how he has no ties to any particular group and brags that he is an independent thinker.

“I thought my own thoughts, I made my own decisions – I’m the one who’s gotta listen to the judgment,” he said. Elsewhere in the video, he boasts that he is possessed by the “spirit of Justice.” (There’s a red flag.)

Despite his claims, though, Long left a trail of online clues about who he was and where he got his radical ideas. According to the Daily Caller, the Marine Corps veteran had been a member of the Nation of Islam.

In recent weeks leading up to Sunday’s shooting in which he murdered three police officers, he had posted videos discussing the recent killings of black men in confrontations with police.

“If I would have been there with Alton — clap,” he said in a July 14 video.

He styled himself as a “spiritual adviser,” but his advice apparently had mostly to do with his various racist views of non-blacks. “These Arabs, these Indians, they don’t give two f***s about us,” he said in one video.

Source: Racist Cop Killer was Nation of Islam Member ⋆ The Constitution