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Some middle school officials screwed up royally last week when they ordered U.S. Air Force Iraq War veteran Phill Rolen’s two daughters to remove their jackets and threatened to punish them with detention if they ever wore them again.

Apparently, the jackets were branded with “U.S. Air Force” logos, and that allegedly violated the dress code of Aubrey Middle School, in Aubrey, Texas.

Rolen was not pleased.

“After taking daily fire from enemy mortar and rocket batteries, as well as treating the worst of wounds war has to offer, now my 5th grade daughters are told they cannot wear this coat which they saved up for and bought with their own money to school,” he angrily wrote on Facebook.

He added that the dress code policy allows students to wear “gaudy and tacky school apparel” that contains the Aubrey school-spirit logo. Yet students cannot wear clothes in support of the “men and women still fighting and dying” on their behalf.

“I am ready for this fight Aubrey ISD,” Rolen continued. “I will make it my personal mission to make the district the subject of every news media outlet in the country. The disrespect for our service branches here is amazing.”

Source: Proud Veteran Gets Stunning Message From Local School… Now He’s Ready For War