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State laws on college campuses have gotten quite the attention recently and it’s not hard to understand why. Like most debates on gun control, it comes down to if the presence of guns will make things more danger or more safe.

The Christian Science Monitor reported on how “Texas campus responds to third shooting this week.”  Texas Southern University had seen three shootings in four days. One of them involved no injuries, and in another shooting it’s unclear if the suspect was a student.

It is argued that the shootings “seem to be sparked by the combination of relaxed gun laws and anger.” Texas passed a law permitting concealed carry permits on campus in May…

Then there’s the professor at the University of Texas who resigned because of the concealed carry law. Professor Emeritus Daniel Hamermesh fears that he is at an “increased risk” and fears “that a disgruntled student will do something dangerous and violent.”

Hamermesh talked to CNN about how he feels that he could be shot over students disgruntled with poor grades. He also believes that he would be a victim:

First of all, I don’t want to turn my classroom into the gunfight at the economics corral. Secondly, some kid comes in and pull a gun suddenly — I’m not going to react. I don’t expect most students to behave that way. And I know I would be the victim…

Source: Texas prof on CNN: Campus Carry would “turn my classroom into the gunfight” – Red Alert Politics