merry christmas in lights

OMG. This person is actually employed.

Most of us who stand opposed to the political correctness being shoved down our throats by liberals in this country can point out the hypocritical lunacy of their efforts to avoid offending some people that inevitably end up offending others.

One of the more ridiculous aspects of the left’s demands for political correctness has been their incessant attack on Christmas, demanding that the holiday season be made more “inclusive” to those who don’t necessarily celebrate the traditional Christian holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ.

A professor at the University of Central Florida has taken this political correctness to an absurdly extreme level, demanding that the phrases “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah” be banned and replaced by a more inclusive phrase to signify well-wishes during the holiday season.

Professor Terri Fine has proposed in a column on the university’s website that “Merry Christmas” be replaced by the phrase “Happy Federal Holiday.”

As far as we can tell, she was actually serious.

Wishing a non-Christian a “Merry Christmas” could be viewed as offensive to some. Less obvious is her assertion that some could be offended by the phrase “Happy Hanukkah,” not because they aren’t Jews, but because Hanukkah is actual a relatively minor holiday on the Jewish calendar.

Again, we’re not making this up.

Furthermore, merely saying “Happy Holidays” instead of the other two phrases isn’t “culturally sensitive” enough.

(Insert eyeroll here)

Source: Professor DEMANDS Removal Of “Christmas” In Greeting… Wants To Change To STUPID Word Instead