The Tesco supermarket chain is facing accusations of cultural insensitivity after offering bacon flavoured Pringles as part of a Ramadan promotion.

Consumption of pork products is strictly forbidden in Islam.

Even though the crisps rely on artificial flavouring and do not contain pork, the marketing initiative triggered a combination of outrage and bewildered amusement on social media.

To add to the company’s embarrassment the bacon flavoured Pringles were were placed under a Ramadan banner at Tesco’s Liverpool Street store, around a mile from one of London’s most important mosques in Whitechapel.

One twitter user was lost for words, while Mohammed Waqas described the decision to associate the bacon flavoured crisps as “stupidity at its best”.

A Pringles spokesman said that the Ramadam promotion was its idea, but the company had expected the offer to be restricted to its original flavour along with salt and vinegar as well as sour cream and onion.

“We apologise for the mistake, which was made in one store in London. These Pringles cans have now been moved,” the company added.

Source: Tesco under attack for offering bacon flavoured Pringles as part of Ramadan promotion – Telegraph