Nov. 9, 2016, ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.  — President-elect Donald Trump announced his first cabinet selections last night, minutes after the major networks projected him as the winner in Tuesday’s election.

Trump, who will become the nation’s 45th president when he is inaugurated in January, upset former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, winning 54 percent of the vote and carrying all the swing states. The president-elect did particularly well among older men, union members and the mentally ill.

“I’m a winner and all of you are losers, and I hate losers,” Trump said to everyone who didn’t vote for him. “And that goes double for you slackers in the media,” he added.

The incoming president surprised even his supporters when he announced he had no plans to rebrand the White House as the Trump White House & Casino. In fact, Trump said he won’t live in the White House at all, but instead will reside in the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

“It’s a really great property, with a terrific spa and first-class service,” said the president-elect, who told reporters that instead of being called President Trump, he would prefer to simply be called “The Donald.”

Source: President-Elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks