POLL: Conservative Matt Bevin in Striking-Rangemattbevin

Conservative Matt Bevin is within striking-range in the red-hot Republican primary for Governor in Kentucky.

According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, the race is a toss up with many voters undecided.

Matt Bevin gained national attention last year for having the ‘guts’ to challenge now-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a primary.  Now a conservative candidate for Governor, Bevin is down by 3-points with less than two weeks until the primary election.

Here is the lay of the land, according to the PPP survey:

“The candidates are tightly clustered with James Comer at 28%, Hal Heiner at 27%, and Matt Bevin at 25%. 20% of voters remain undecided, and beyond that 43% of voters who are currently supporting one of the candidates say they’re open to changing their minds. 

So that leaves only 46% of the electorate firmly committed to someone at this point, with the other 54% of voters still persuadable.

Bottom line there are a lot of undecideds and a lot of the support the candidates do have right now is pretty soft. That leaves the race wide open for any of the three to emerge victorious in this closing stretch.”

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