Earlier today, a spokeswoman at the Belgian federal police confirmed to ABC News that a picture they have released shows the possible suspects from the deadly blasts at Brussels’ main international airport today.

The man that they are looking for appears to be pictured at the right in the group photo.

At least one of the explosives was believed to be the work of a suicide bomber, according to the Belgian federal prosecutor.

ABC News does not yet have a confirmation on their identities or which, if any, are alive. It is unclear how police identified these individuals as the suspects.

The photo, taken from airport surveillance footage, shows three men walking with baggage carts through the airport.

Arnaud Feist, the airport’s CEO, has confirmed that there was a third bomb at the airport that did not explode. It was neutralized by police

The fire brigade has reported that 14 people were killed in the blasts at the airport, located in the town of Zaventem, around 8:00 a.m. local time.

*** This number has been updated to 34 at this time.

The Belgian federal prosecutor reported earlier that at least one of the explosions was the result of a suicide bomber.

The blasts at the airport occurred nearly one hour before an explosion at a subway station in downtown Brussels, which killed at least 20 people.

All told, more than 180 people were injured at both the airport and the subway station.

An ISIS-affiliated website reported today that the terror group claimed responsibility for the attacks,

Source: Image shows 3 suspects in Brussels attack Police release a photo of the possible suspects from the deadly blasts at Brussels’ main international airport.Looking for one man »