This is beyond impressive!

Out with her father and a hunting guide on the Guadalupe River, a tiny 10-year-old Texas girl landed the trophy of a lifetime after the group stumbled upon a massive alligator.

When they saw the 800-pound, 13-foot-long reptile on the bank of the river, the young huntress, Ella Hawk, trained the sights of her crossbow with the precision of an experienced sniper and let loose.

The bolt struck the enormous gator just above its eye, killing it instantly.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Ella said. “The first shot paralyzed and killed him.”

Her father, Tony, was the excited one of the bunch.

“I was more nervous than her before the shot. She has nerves of steel before the shot. She’s just gifted like that, I guess,” he said.

According to the Victoria Advocate, Ella took the shot at about 15 yards. She had been practicing in her backyard from an elevated position so that when the time came, she would be able to nail it, just like she did on the Sept. 27 hunt.

Hunting guide Ryan Longer was more than impressed with Ella’s shot.

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“She Robin Hood-ed it,” he said. After the kill shot, Longer instructed her to take another “insurance” shot with a .243 hunting pistol to make sure the animal was dead.

Ella is already an accomplished hunter. Last year, she took home the prestigious “Trophy Game Records of the World Huntress of the Year” award. Her latest kill definitely puts her in the running for a repeat this year.

Source: PICTURE: 10-Year-Old Girl Stumbles on 800-Pound Beast in Woods… Next Move Is Insane