Beyoncé is in trouble now… she didn’t think this would come out.

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime spectacular — in which she performed the anti-police song “Formation” and had her dancers dressed up in a highly questionable Black Panther getup — has infuriated both those in the law enforcement community and everyday Americans who support them.

However, the nature of the performance was just the beginning of Beyoncé’s problems.

While she was perfectly happy trashing police in front of hundreds of millions of people on television worldwide, here’s what she was doing just a few hours beforehand.

An entire freeway — AN ENTIRE FREEWAY, in California, on Super Bowl Sunday — was cleared by police so that Beyoncé wouldn’t have trouble getting to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara:^tfw

When Beyoncé and her entourage decided they couldn’t either risk traffic or leave early, she called upon men and women who put their lives on the line every day to make sure she arrived on time. Then, several hours later, she went on national TV and sang a little ditty about how cops are murdering black people.


She also had her dancers arrange themselves in the form of an X in honor of slain black revolutionary Malcolm X.

Now, granted, Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam both denounced popular music and sporting events as tools of the “white devil” (unless, of course, they got a high-profile convert from the sporting world — you know, like Muhammad Ali). Don’t worry, though — she didn’t think about it, so why should you?

One of Beyoncé’s dancers even held up a sign saying “Justice for Mario Woods.” Woods was an African-American man from the Bay Area who was shot and killed by police after he stabbed one person and then threatened the officers who attempted to apprehend him.


Source: PHOTOS: Look What Beyoncé Was Caught Doing Moments Before Trashing Cops at Super Bowl