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The liberal media are always looking for a way to sneak their agenda into new stories — but one conservative writer decided to make nifty chart to help decipher that liberal lingo.

Jon Gabriel, of, created a chart to help the rest of the world understand how liberals frame stories that involve “shooting, terror attack, or other violent crime.”

According to Gabriel, today’s journalists see their role in society as something just short of saviors. They do not to report the facts, but rather “expand the event into an indictment of Western culture” because the public needs someone to interpret these events for them.

His chart reveals just how much the mainstream media distorts news and pushes their liberal agenda on everyone else.

The chart is amazingly spot on — especially when we consider how the left is intent on taking our guns away. Almost every single one of these instances attempts to defame the Second Amendment.

Source: PHOTO: This Chart Just EXPOSED Lying Liberals And Their Gun Hating Narrative