The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting to try curbing the deadly violence between Israelis and Palestinians Friday, hours after a Palestinian disguised as a journalist stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier amid a “day of rage” that began with Palestinians torching a site believed to be the tomb of the biblical figure Joseph.

Israeli troops shot and killed the stabber. Three more Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire in clashes between stone-throwers and Israeli troops in several West Bank towns and on the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinian medics said.

The latest round of violence and bloodshed came as the United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on the fighting. Speaking before the meeting, new Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon displayed a Palestinian diagram meant to incite violence, entitled: “How to stab a Jew.”

He blamed the Palestinian government and media for provoking attacks among children and teenagers. “You can see with this picture what incitement looks like,” he added.

In Nablus, another West Bank city, Palestinians firebombed the tomb, an attack condemned as “irresponsible” by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Flames blackened exterior walls of the small stone structure, a scene of Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the past.

Confrontations also erupted in the biblical town of Bethlehem and the Israel-Gaza border.

In response to the stabbings, Israel has taken unprecedented measures, including setting up checkpoints in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem this week despite Israel’s long-standing assertion that the city is united.

Source: ‘How to stab a Jew’: Israel at UN condemns Palestinian president for inciting violence