Muslim immigrants have been flooding into Germany lately, thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “open door” policy regarding the refugees, and these migrants are already making threats against non-Muslims.

A banner showing the “refugees’” true colors was recently attached to an overpass near a Mercedes factor in Sindelfingen, Germany.

“Your children will pray to Allah or die,” the banner warned.

There was no claim of responsibility for the message and the threat was not reported by the German media, according to The Real Strategy.

This isn’t the first time Germany has seen problems with its newest, Islamic residents. Earlier this year, a huge mob of Muslim migrants, reportedly from Chechnya, armed themselves with sticks and pipes as they marched through the streets of the German city of Celle chanting “Allahu Akbar.”

In another incident, one of these “peaceful” migrants reportedly warned a German citizen that Islam would one day dominate the country and that the citizen’s daughter would ultimately be wearing a hijab.

“(Y)our daughter is going to marry a bearded man,” the migrant said. “And we proliferate more and more. You Germans don’t have children. You have at most two kids. We have 7 or 8. OK, my friend? And then we take four women, then we have 22 children,” he said.

Despite the growing number of incidents with these migrants, Merkel insists on allowing more into her country. In fact, Germany is expecting one million new migrants this year from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, according to Huffington Post.

The United States is not isolated from these incidents with Muslim migrants. We have already seen violence from the ones who are already here. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama, like Merkel, is more concerned about being politically correct and “compassionate” in allowing refugees into the country, rather than keeping U.S. citizens safe from a clear threat to our way of life.

Source: PHOTO: Islamic Immigrants Hang Chilling Message About Children Over Freeway… They MUST Be Stopped