Rick Perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry utterly humiliated himself in an attempt to insult GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, on Thursday. Perry gave a completely puzzling response to The Donald’s assertion that Perry is dropping out of the presidential race.

“You know, a broken clock is right once a day,” Perry said to Gretchen Carlson of Fox News.

Well, he kind of missed the mark there, as the old adage that describes someone who finally gets something right is actually “A broken clock is right twice a day.”

And what does that mean, anyway? That Trump was right about Perry giving up his presidential run? But that’s the opposite of what Perry was apparently trying to communicate.

Perry quickly tried to cover his own shame stating: “The bottom line is I’m still here and I’m still working and we need to be talking about solutions and not just rhetoric out there.”

“Perry attacked me; now he’s getting out of the race,” Trump stated. “He was at 4 or 5 percent, now he’s getting out of the race. He was at zero.” (H/T The Hill)

This is more than just a statement based on various data that Trump had collected. Perry’s campaign has been struggling: his standing in the polls has dropped through the floor, he was forced to lay off paid staffers — and, of course, his Iowa chairman quit his campaign and joined Trump’s.

Source: Perry Utterly Humiliates Himself in Totallly Mangled Attempt to Insult Trump