Snipers are a unique group. As qualified specialists, their jobs consist of delivering highly accurate rifle fire against enemy targets that regular rifleman cannot engage successfully — and remain hidden while performing their tasks.

However, the Iraq Historic Allegations Team doesn’t believe remaining hidden is part of a sniper’s job, as evidenced in a recent case they’ve brought up against a British solider who killed an Iraqi insurgent who planned to fire a rocket propelled grenade at a British base.

The solider’s crime? He did not shout a warning before firing.

You read that right. The sniper is under investigation for not warning his target that he was about to take a hit, according to the The U.K. Telegraph.

IHAT was established by the Ministry of Defence in 2010 after British lawyers submitted dozens of claims from Iraqis that included allegations of torture and murder.

Initially, the group et out to investigate 152 allegations of unlawful killing and abuse. That number has increased to over 1,500.


Veteran group One Voice said the investigations are nothing but witch hunts against those who put their lives on the line for Queen and country. It has planned a series of marches in February to highlight the issue.

“Let the Government know we will not go away until full responsibility is accepted for allowing the mis-management of persecuting and prosecuting members of the Armed Services,” the group said. “We ask for a stop to the current trend of ‘bash a soldier’ that is making a mint for lawyers, but ruining lives of individuals.”

Michael Fallon, U.K. secretary of state for defense, also criticized IHAT’s cases against soldiers.

“We don’t need these ambulance-chasing British law firms. It is not only extremely expensive but it inhibits the operational effectiveness of our troops because they start to worry about whether they will end up in a court or not,” he told The Telegraph.


Source: British Sniper Smokes ISIS Thug With RPG… Here’s How His Government Thanked Him