It pays to double-check…

A pair of Florida police officers opened fire went to the wrong home and opened fire on a family, sending a multitude of bullets through the family home.Fortunately, officers Carlos Anglero and Stephanie Roberts missed their target. But they did hit just about everything else in the house – doors, windows, appliances, furniture, walls, etc, etc.

Officers were dispatched to a disturbance call but somehow ended up routed to the family’s residence more than half a mile away.

The homeowner heard people pounding on the door and called out for them to identify themselves. When their was no response, the homeowner grabbed a handgun and approached the gun to investigate.

That’s when one of the officers yelled “GUN!” and both officers began their futile fussilade against the home as the family lay on the living room floor in fear of being killed.Dispatchers notified the officers of their mistake after receiving three 911 calls from inside the home.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been called in to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

Both officers are already under internal investigation for questionable behavior related to time sheets and workman’s compensation.

“They will be determining what events led to my officers being dispatched to this address and why the encounter at the address resulted in these officers firing into the home,” Chief Charles J. Brown said. “Once the investigation is concluded, and I have been provided with all the facts, I will take appropriate action.”

Source: Police Go To Wrong House, Open Fire on Family [VIDEO]