Presidential hopeful Donald Trump expressed his opinions about Muslims and the “Muslim problem” in America in a 2011 interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network.

Brody asked Trump to expound on an interview he had with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in which O’Reilly asked Trump if he believed there was a Muslim problem in America.

Trump elaborated, telling Brody: “Absolutely, yes. In fact I went a step further. I said I didn’t see Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center.”

“And by the way, many, many, most Muslims are wonderful people, but is there a Muslim problem? Look what’s happening. Look what happened right here in my city with the World Trade Center and lots of other places,” he told Brody.

“I think people want the truth. I think they’re tired of politicians. They’re tired of politically correct stuff,” said the real estate mogul.

“I mean I could have said, ‘Oh, absolutely not Bill, there’s no Muslim problem, everything is wonderful, just forget about the World Trade Center.’ But you have to speak the truth. We’re so politically correct that this country is falling apart,” he said.

Source: Forgotten Footage Exposes What Donald Trump Really Thinks About Muslims